#7768 shava

cradled in thunder

i stand

in the doorway of Your mind

in the palm of Your hand

on the edge of Your thoughts

that i can’t comprehend…

but i know that it’s glory

it’s more than enough

it’s all that i’ve wanted

the Epitome of Love

and i know i don’t need

to understand

in order to plead

You outstretch Your hand
and save this man. 

in Jesus’ Name



10:31pm 8-14-16 sunday 

for bo burnham


From Her Journal

Abba. how long.
it’s not even a question anymore.
it’s breathing.
it’s heartbeat.
daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.
how long.
how long.
how long.

please come save us. ♥️
in the blink of an eye.

how long… 

9/27/2015 11:28pm sunday

[inspired by all the trials and heartache of the last few years and especially the last several weeks.] 

Praying Out Loud

Show me the lights
You made for my dark
Show me the lives
You set apart
To keep me holding on…

The ones who will stay
The ones who embrace
All of the darkness of me.

Show me the lies
I have welcomed as friends
Show me the ties
I let bind me again
That keep me from holding on. 

Take them away
Bring on the day
And shatter this darkness in me. 

The Lord is a lamp
That lights up my darkness;
To Him, the night is as day.
And when I’m surrounded
By blackened seas,
I know that HE knows my way. ❣


Inspired by someone I spoke to today, whose pain is not unfamiliar to me, albeit unique in its own ways to its bearer.

Final verse is a rhyming compilation of Micah 7:8, Psalm 139:12, and Psalm 142:3. These are my favorite verses to hold onto on the darker days. ❣


Reflections: 52 Weeks Ago



Down the drain of discouragement

The bane of encouragement

is Time


Leaving me behind

Bereaving me of my




The desolate hallways of my heart

I wrestle it hard and fall apart

On rocks

Of Never

Cracked and broken, shattered

Everything that mattered




Under pressure of faith and doubt

I can’t do this without

The ones

Who stand

Like giant swaying evergreens

Blowing in the Perseverance breeze

For me.



In the alleyways of pain & wounds

The valley place of shame will soon

be Doors


Into a garden blooming hope

And everyone will finally know

He is God. ♡

August 18, 2014