sheWRITES: archived

For the sake of PREVIOUS entries that have used this tag, I’m leaving this here. But this tag for my blog is being archived because it’s pretty much ALL going to fit under this category from now on. When I first started this blog, I had an orderly motif in mind — writing about my experiences with God in a polished and premeditated format. I got away from that every so often and would just sit down to WRITE, and so “sheWRITES” was born.

Well. Now I’m JUST going to write. It might be polished, it might not. I don’t care to differentiate anymore. I just want to use my words.

So there you have it. This is what sheWRITES was; it’s really only relevant if you decide to go poking through the entries that were posted before February 28, 2017. ;)


I wanted to explain a little bit about what this title and category mean. Because obviously everything on here is writing, right? And it’s always me, with the exception of reblogs.

So I use this marker when I’m literally sitting down and spilling my mind. Not sharing, mind you. Just spilling. Okay, I’m sharing too, it’s just that spilling sounded better.

See that right there? That was spilling. No editing, no attempts at being professional. Just…me. On paper. Cyber-paper, that is. Whatever.

So if you read through and you get confused as to why sometimes I use that title marker and category and sometimes I don’t, all of this is why. *waves arms around*

If I go on, I’ll probably just start repeating myself repeating myself.