We are made in the image of a God who spoke light into existence. Isn’t that amazing? “Let there be light.” And there was light. 

Being made in His image means that we resemble Him. (Although He never resembles us, and that is an important distinction – and maybe worth a blog post someday.)

We resemble Him when we love people.
We resemble Him when we enjoy good things.
We resemble Him when we experience emotions.

We resemble Him when we…speak. 

While we lack the ability to create things like light, we still have an ability to create with words. “I’m a failure.” “You’re beautiful.” “Mommy’s right here.” 

Isn’t that incredible?? We are constantly creating with our words. Creating negativity or creating confidence or creating safety…

It’s tricky to be constantly mindful of what my words are creating but as a mother and a person who loves people, I want to get MUCH better at treating my words like a superpower that I only use for good. ;)


Ponderings: Love & Trust

If someone tells me they love me and I don’t believe them, I will be skeptical when they show their love to me. I will think I’m making things up or reading into things or “stretching things”, etc. 

If I believe they love me but I feel like I need to earn their love or repay them for it, then when they show their love, I’ll be reluctant to receive it or I’ll reject it, unless it just happens to be a day that I feel worthy of it. 

If I believe they love me freely, no matter what I do, I will be able to receive their love and relax in it all the time. It will feel like safety. It will cause me to feel joy and relief. 

How do you receive love from God? From family? Close friends? Your significant other?