Lazy Plants

I was sitting on my patio enjoying the thunder and rain and I looked over at my plant. It was kind of droopy. It looked really good last week but now half the leaves were hanging down and the other half were healthy-looking. 
As I stared at my plant, I realized something. It doesn’t look like it’s doing anything. It’s just sitting there. In dirt. Doing nothing. 
And then I thought, how funny that it looks like it’s doing nothing. It ALWAYS looks like it’s doing nothing and yet there are changes in it — more leaves, new sprouts, existing leaves tilting just a little more to the sun. It LOOKS like it’s doing nothing but it’s actually doing a lot. On the inside of that plant, at a microscopic level, it’s turning sunlight into food and carting it all over. It’s dragging water up into itself, against the laws of gravity. It’s pushing out new shoots. And it’s also trying to heal itself of the damage caused by various bugs and creatures.
It is one busy little plant for looking like it’s doing nothing. 
What a perfect metaphor for my life! Every Sunday, the church leadership encourages people to serve and every Sunday I check in with the Holy Spirit and hear, “It’s not time” and every Sunday I sit there wondering what my leadership thinks of me sitting in church, not even attending regularly, and not serving. I look like a lazy plant. 
And now I wonder — how many other plants around me are struggling with new growth and damage done by surrounding elements? How many plants have I criticized because they’re too this or too that or simply not enough?
The fact is, I’m not the Gardener. And it’s not my job to ascertain what one plant or another should be doing or even what it should look like! I’m a plant!!! Plants just grow; they don’t garden. :)
Likewise, I don’t need to be overly concerned with what someone else is thinking about me. My source of life is the Son and as long as I’m looking to Him, I will grow. He will tend and prune and tend some more and over time, even the folks who think I’m doing nothing will see the changes He is working in my life. And eventually…it will be my turn to display beautiful, lovely blooms. 
I can hardly wait. In the meantime, I have a plant of my own that could use some tending…